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Ahad, 19 Julai 2009

CANCER PREVENTION: Under weakly alkaline condition, cancerous cells are not able to grow...

From: "CTLim" Saturday, 18 July, 2009 10:03

It's a Blessing to you if you pass this on! Thank you. Good Bless You!

These are real cases which are very important. Please read patiently and pass this on. Even if you had read it, you should read it again, especially the list of acidic and alkaline food stuff... It's best to read it several times and remember them. Please read this article in full patience. It helps to improve and maintain your health.

About 30 years ago, a Mr. Zhang who worked in the Public Sales Department of a Taipei Brewery, sat for Overseas Study Selection Examination, and passed with flying colors. Before leaving, unfortunately, the medical examination at a public hospital discovered that he had a tumor growth in his lung about the size of a child's fist. Thus, he was not able to make the overseas trip for further study.
Mr. Zhang was very disappointed. He thought that diagnosis could be wrong. So he went for a 2nd check-up in another hospital but the result confirmed that there was no error in the previous diagnosis. The young Mr. Zhang was in great despair after the confirmation. He made several calls to Mr. Wei, his old classmate who was the Mayor's secretary of
Huangsun County, Taidong County Government.

On hearing the bad news, Mr. Wei rushed to Taipei to see Mr. Zhang on Sunday. Mr. Zhang briefed Mr. Wei in detail about his despair and pessimism, and entrusted his friend regarding his affairs after his death.
It happened that Mr. Wei was a good friend of Dr Lu Geling, who in 1949-55 was in charge of the Maijie Hospital, and was a researcher and specialist in cancer. He suggested to Mr. Zhang to seek Dr Lu's treatment immediately. Mr. Zhang initially refused to consult doctor anymore as the result might add further misery to him. But Mr. Wei said that he had called Dr Lu and made an appointment with him. So Mr. Zhang felt obligated and went with Mr. Wei to meet Dr Lu.
When meeting Mr. Zhang, Dr Lu said: "Mr. Wei is my best friend and he has introduced you to me. We are fated to know each other. Let me ask you do you know why is that cancer is referred to as terminal illness?" Both Mr. Zhang and Mr. Wei did not know how to answer.
Dr Lu explained: "There are only 2 approaches so far to treat cancer today. The 1st is to destroy the source of the disease.... The 2nd is to increase the immunity to fight the disease.. But the strange thing is that, whether we use Cobalt 60 or other drugs to destroy the cancerous cells, before they are killed, the good cells are destroyed first... On the other hand, no matter what nutrients or supplements we use, before the good cellshave a chance to absorb them, the cancer cells have taken them up. This simply speeds up the growth of cancer. Therefore, both approaches are doomed to fail, that is why cancer is terminal.."
Dr Lu continues: "Human beings are the most intelligent creatures and they had successfully put men on the moon. But why there is no one ever questioned the above 2 approaches for cancer treatment which lead to ultimate death, and try to look for a 3rd approach? When I was conducting clinical research in Majie Hospital, I had many opportunities to work with many colleagues who had assisted me in the hospital. I found out that the blood tests of cancer patients showed 100% acidic results.

Those Buddhist monks and nuns who are long term vegetarians and live very close to Nature, their blood are prevalently weakly alkaline and none of them has yet been detected of any cancer illness. Therefore, I can boldly concluded that under weakly alkaline condition, cancerous cells are not able to grow, or even to survive.

“Mr. Zhang, I would suggest that starting from now you must reduce your intake of the acidic meaty dishes. Consume more alkaline food. Also you can take green algae and soup made from water chestnuts with skin. Modify your physical condition, and try seriously to have a regular life style which is close to Nature.. If you live for another 5 years, you should have no
further problem. Best of luck.”
Mr. Zhang followed Dr Lu's suggestion and was serious in changing his eating habits. Every day, he ate green algae, drank chestnut soup, became optimistic and did an appropriate amount of exercise. One year later, he went back to the same public hospital for a check up. It was found that the tumour not only did not increase in size, but was also skrinking.. It's a
miracle to the hospital staff who examined him. Five years later, the tumour had shrunk to almost disappearing stage. Now after almost 40 years, Mr. Zhang's health is totally normal, and is living a very pleasant life.

After Mr. Zhang's case, a Mr.... Chen Tianshou, who was previously Head of the General Administration of the Taidong Provincial Hospital , was also diagnosed with lung cancer. When Mr. Wei knew about it, he told Mr. Chen what Mr. Zhang had gone through. Mr. Chen started to follow Dr Lu's recommendation of changing his physical condition.. Just like the case of Mr. Zhang, he was able to recover fully from the cancer. At that time, Dr. Lu and his family had migrated to the United States . When he returned to Taiwan and met up with Mr. Wei, he was told of the 2 cases of Mr. Zhang and Mr. Chen. Mr. Wei suggested that let both of them make detailed briefings in person, so that Dr. Lu could publish a report on
this self-curing method.

Dr Lu very humbly replied: “I am too old and I do not have any clinical records of the cases.. Please tell your friends and relatives, if they agree, please continue and spread the words to others”
One should take care of oneself and also should be caring about others. 85% of cancer patients are having acidic condition in their physical bodies. Blood of healthy persons is weakly alkaline in nature, with a pH of about 7.35 to 7.45.

Babies' blood is also weakly alkaline.
As adults age, their bloods become more acidic in nature.

According to a study of body fluid of 600 cancer patients, 85% of the patients are in acidic physical condition. Therefore, how to maintain the weakly alkaline nature of our body is the 1st step from keeping oneself from illness.

Acidic physical condition manifests itself in following ways:

· Skin without luster..

· Athlete's foot.

· Feeling tired even after a little exercise, and feeling sleepy the moment one gets into a bus.

· Easily out of breathe after going up and down the stairs.

· ..... Fat and with lower stomach protruding,

· Move slowly and movement lethargic.

Why does the body physical condition turn acidic?

· Excessive intake of dairy acidic food.

o Meats, dairy products, eggs, beef, ham, etc are acidic food

o Taking too much acidic food will cause the blood to become acidic and viscous, difficult to flow to the end of blood vessels, leading to cold feet or knee, stiff shoulders and insomnia.

o For those who are young and strong, it's alright to consume suitable quantity of meats, but for older people, vegetables or small fishes are the more suitable diet.

· Any irregularity in the pace of life will cause the body physical
condition to become acidic.

o Irregular pace in life will lead to mental and physical stress

o According to statistics, people who sleep late are more likely to have cancer than normal persons, by as much as 5 times..

o Human beings originally lead a life with regular tempo in this world. It's not possible to store up sleep or food and not possible to live a healthy life by mixing up days and nights.

o Human organs are controlled by the autonomic nerves. During day time it is mainly sympathetic nerves activities, and at night it is mainly the parasympathetic nerves which are functioning. If this order is disturbed and reversed, then will encounter all sorts of sicklnesses.

· Over tensed becoming emotional..

o Social stresses in view of civilized society.

o Job related or mental stresses....

o For a person suffering mental stress, a temporary release of stress may lead to death. This is known as the syndrome of imperfect adrenal cortex function.

· Physical Stress.

o Before any operation it would be necessary to check whether the renal cortex does function normally.. If the adrenal cortex is lacking, or if the stress imposed by the operation exceeded the ability of adrenal cortex to cope, it could lead to death or other adverse impacts.

o If the patient's face is puffy, it would be necessary to ask for the detailed patient's medical history and medication status. For patients taking adrenal cortical hormone, extra care should be exercised when acupuncture treatment is given..

o Avoid stress due to physical labour or excessive exercise, or playing
card games and driving through out the night etc..

Appendix: Acidity/alkalinity of Common food stuff

· Strongly acidic food: egg yolk, cheese, cake baked with white sugar or persimmon, mullet fish roe, dried cod, etc.

· Mildly acidic food: ham, bacon, chicken meat, squid, pork, eel, beef, bread, wheat, butter, horse meat.

· Weakly acidic food: white rice, peanut, beer, alcohol, fried tofu, sea weeds, clam, octopus, catfish, etc.

· Weakly alkaline food: red bean, radish, apple, cabbage, onion, tofu etc.

· Mildly alkaline food: dried radish, soya bean, carrot, tomato, banana, orange, pumpkin, strawberry, egg white, dried plum, lemon, spinach, etc.

Strongly alkaline food: grape, tea leave, wine, kelp sprout, kelp, etc. Especially natural green algae which contain rich quantity of chlorophyl are very good alkaline health food, but avoid drinking tea in excess, and it's best to drink in the mornings.

Selasa, 14 Julai 2009

LUKA PEMBEDAHAN: Resipi penyembuhnya

Ini adalah artikel yang saya terima melalui email yahoogroups Al-Kauthar, saya simpan di sini agar dapat dikongsi sama.

Resipi ni bukan sahaja sesuai untuk ibu2 yang bersalin, tapi bapa2 pun boleh makan sekali. Kalau isteri dah bersara melahirkan anak, beri resipi ni kat anak atau menantu....Insya Allah. Selamat mencuba...!! !!

14 Julai 2009
Resipi Pemulih Luka Pembedahan
Email Oleh : Tok Cepai
Bagi ibu-ibu yang melahirkan anak secara pembedahan, proses memulihkantubuh sememangnya lebih cerewet. Ini kerana mereka perlu merawat luka pembedahan itu selain dari memulihkan tenaga.Disarankan agar semua masakan bagi mereka yang bersalin cara pembedahan tidak ditumis.Ini kerana minyak tidak membantu proses penyembuhan dalaman.Masakan yang bercili juga tidak digalakkan pengambilannya.Seeloknya setiap hidangan dimakan bersama nasi putih sebaik sahaja siapdimasak. Tujuannya bagi memastikan khasiat dan kesegarannya terjaga.Elakkan daripada memakan nasi sejuk (nasi yang dimasak semalam) kerana dikhuatiri boleh membuatkan perut kembung.[1] PERIA MASAK ASAMBahan-bahan:200 ml air5 ulas bawang kecil – dihiris2 biji peria katak – dipotong nipis2 sudu besar ikan bilis – dibersihkan½ sudu teh serbuk lada hitam½ sudu makan air asam jawaGaram secukup rasaCara menyediakan:a) Masak kesemua bahan sehingga pekat.b) Kacau rata dan kecilkan api. Tunggu sehingga naik bau.Angkat dan hidangkan.Info: Pengambilan peria dapat membantu ibu dalam pantangyang mengalami kesukaran membuang air besar, disamping menambah susu ibu.Ia juga membantu membersih dan melancarkan peredarandarah dalam tubuh jika diamalkan.[2] AYAM MASAK KERINGBahan-bahan:200 ml air3 – 5 helai daun pegaga – dihiris3 ulas bawang kecil – dihiris2 ketul ayam (sederhana besar)Seketul halia – dimayang halus½ sudu teh serbuk lada hitam½ sudu teh serbuk kunyitGaram secukup rasaCara menyediakan:a) Masak kesemua bahan dan kacau rata sehingga mendidih.b) Perlahankan api dan tunggu sehingga kuah pekat atau kering(mengikut suka). Hidangkan ketika masih panas.Info: Bagi masyarakat Melayu, kunyit juga diminum sebagaijamu terutamanya bagi ibu selepas bersalin.Tujuannya untuk mengecutkan rahim dan mencuci darah. Dimakanbersama nasi sebagai ulam selama 40 hari pantang. Mampumengembalikan kecergasan badan dan menyembuhkan luka dalaman.[3] IKAN BILIS GORENGBahan-bahan:3 sudu makan ikan bilis – digoreng tanpa minyak3 ulas bawang kecil – dimayang2 sudu air asam jawaHalia sebesar ibu jari – dimayang½ sudu teh serbuk lada hitamCara menyediakan:a) Masukkan ikan bilis di dalam pinggan. Letakkan halia, bawangdan tuangkan air asam jawa serta serbuk lada hitam ke atasnya.[4] IKAN TENGGIRI BERKUAHBahan-bahan:200 ml air5 ulas bawang kecil – dihiris2 ketul ikan tenggiriHalia sebesar ibu jari – dimayang½ sudu teh serbuk kunyit½ sudu teh serbuk lada hitam½ cawan air asam jawaGaram secukup rasaCara menyediakan:a) Masaklah kesemua bahan hingga tinggal sedikit kuahnya.Angkat dan hidangkan.Info: Untuk mengekalkan kesihatan dan kesegaran tubuh badan,pengambilan ikan tenggiri dan ikan haruan sebagai makanantambahan sepanjang tempoh berpantang amat digalakkan.Ia juga mampu melicinkan dan menegangkan kulit badan selainmenyembuhkan luka dalaman dan luaran kerana kandunganasid amino dan lemak yang ada padanya.Isinya yang bebas kolesterol turut membuatkan paras wajahkelihatan berseri serta pemikiran menjadi cerdas. Ia juga tidakmenggemukkan badan untuk jangkamasa panjang.[5] SUP AYAMBahan-bahan:250 ml air2 ketul ayam½ sudu teh serbuk lada hitamHalia sebesar ibu jari – dimayangGaram secukup rasaCara menyediakan:a) Rebus kesemua bahan. Tambah air jika tidak mencukupi.b) Biarkan ia mendidih hingga tinggal sedikit kuahnya. Angkatdan hidangkan.Info: Penggunaan lada hitam bertujuan untuk memanaskanbadan Boleh diambil oleh ibu yang bersalin secara pembedahan tetapi seeloknya dalam kuantiti yang sedikit.[6] TENGGIRI MASAK ASAMBahan-bahan:250 ml air2 ketul ikan tenggiri3 – 4 inci halia – dimayang3 biji bawang kecil½ cawan air asam jawa½ sudu teh serbuk lada hitamGaram secukup rasaCara menyediakan:a) Campurkan kesemua bahan dalam periuk sederhana besar.Masak hingga pekat tetapi jangan sampai airnya terlalu keringSedia dihidang bersama nasi putih.Info: Mencampurkan perahan air asam jawa dalam hidanganibu berpantang banyak khasiatnya. Antaranya, dapat memudahkanuntuk membuang air besar selain dari menyegarkan tubuh badan.
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